What is Club-mate?

Mate is a stimulant drink that gets its ‘kick’ not only from caffeine, but also from xanthines. Xanthines increase physical and mental performance, promoting concentration, vitality and stamina.

Mate contains three xanthines: caffeine, theobromine and theophylline, with the main xanthine being caffeine. Studies about mate, although there are not many, show preliminary evidence that this combination of xanthines differs from other plants also containing caffeine, in that, while the the impact on the central nervous system is similar to other caffeines, its effect on muscles is different. In short: you stay alert, but do not feel agitated.

In Belgium

Club-mate has been available for over several years now at your local Hackerspace. Availability is now opening up to include events, clubs, and businesses. Fancy a Mate? Contact us for more information. Soon there could be a container in your fridge.

Club-Mate is refreshing, exciting, and tasty. Moreover, Club-Mate contains little sugar, so it won’t make you fat

2 comments on “What is Club-mate?
  1. anthea van cauwenberge says:

    Beste Hans,

    Ik heb met jou gisteren gebeld in verband met club mate.
    Ik samen met een paar andere mensen willen van 1 november tot 31 december een pop-up bar organiseren in Antwerpen.
    In onze bar hadden wij graag jouw drankje, club mate, aangeboden.
    Zou jij wat meer info kunnen doorsturen omtrent de prijs, leveringen, etc.

    Anthea Van Cauwenberge

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